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  • Located at a beautiful High Tech Science Park in Minhang District in Shanghai, Sensylink was founded in Feb. 2015 by a team that consists of a group of semiconductor veterans in US Silicon Valley and China-marketing gurus in Shanghai. It was funded by experienced domestic and abroad investors. So far we have completed two rounds of financing. Sensylink designs, develops, manufactures and markets environmental sensor ICs, including Temperature sensor IC, Humidity sensor IC and Gas sensor IC. By combining the innovative sensor technology and the traditional IC process/design technology together, Sensylink’s products are highly integrated with high precision, miniature sizelow power consumption and low cost. Sensylink’s products belong to measurement components so thus every of them need in-house testing and calibration before they are out of factory. Over the last several years, more than 40 Sensylink’s temperature and humidity sensor products have been in volume production. The temperature portfolio products cover different accuracy and package and can be used in wide range of applications from consumers to industry to wearable markets. Sensylink holds a dozens of China and US pending patents and thus owns 100% of the intellectual property.

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