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    2017-02-14 time view Category:Monolithic Temperature/Humidity Sensor Solution:

    We also provide monolithic digital temperature/humidity sensor IC products that can be used in all different kinds of applications from environmental monitoring, smart HAVC, to agriculture. We provide demo kits to support your development, including both hardware and software. All of our temp/humidity sensor IC products have been tested and calibrated in factory.  

    Part No. Interface T Sensor Accuracy (±℃)(Typ./Max.) H Sensor Accuracy (±%)(Typ./Max.)) Supply Voltage (V) Average Current (uA) [1Con/1.0s] Temperature Range (℃) Humidity Range (%RH) Package Download
    CHT8305 I2C 
    0.3/0.5 2/3 2.5 - 5.5 15/30 -40 to 125 0 to 100 DFN3x3-6 CHT8305 Advanced Datashee
    CHT1305 Single-Wire 0.3/0.5 2/3 1.8 - 5.5 2.5/5.0 -50 to 150 0 to 100 DFN3x3-6 CHT1305 Advanced Datashee

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